Sell broken iPhone: What you should know while selling a broken iPhone

Do you want to sell broken iPhone? Then you need tips and ideas to enable you to sell your device at the highest price possible. Accidents happen at a time when they are least expected. For instance, you can drop your iPhone accidentally. The device can stop working accidentally due to unforeseen circumstances. There are cases where you can think that your broken iPhone cannot be fixed and that you are left without a choice but to purchase a new iPhone. That is where we come in to help you sell your broken iPhone.


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Truth about selling a broken iPhone

There are many people who think that after an iPhone breaks, it becomes useless and all you can do is to throw it away. Such people do not know that there are others who see value in broken devices. Such people are willing to purchase broken iPhones so that they can try to repair them and have them work again.

Price of a broken iPhone

It is obvious that you will not get as much money by selling a broken iPhone like you would by selling an iPhone that is in good, working condition. However, getting something out of your broken iPhone is better than throwing it away. It does not matter whether your iPhone has a shattered screen, broken button, dead battery or any other technical problem. There are many ways via which you can sell your device and get some money from it.

How to sell your broken iPhone

If you have a damaged or broken iPhone in the drawer, it means that you have money sitting in there. Remember that the longer you wait before you sell your broken iPhone, the more it depreciates. Therefore, choose an iPhone sale service that will enable you to sell your broken iPhone. We can help you sell your broken iPhone at the best price possible with our iPhone sale service.

Try to repair your broken iPhone first

If you are not a technician, you might not know how you can open your iPhone and even fix its internal problem. Nevertheless, there could be problems that are subject to the warranty of your device and maybe Apple might fix them free of charge. Once such problems have been fixed, you can sell your device at a relatively higher price.

A dead battery could be under the warranty

If the battery of your iPhone is dead and you want to sell your device, you might be qualified for a replacement battery free of charge.  Apple gives free batteries as replacements for the iPhones that are covered by their warranty. If your iPhone’s battery is covered by a warranty, you might get a replacement and sell the device at a higher price. Therefore, visit Apple Inc  official website to find out if can qualify for free repair.

Sell your broken iPhone

Consider the available options including our iPhone sale service. If you are ready to sell broken iPhone, we can give you a better deal for it once our technicians have assessed its condition.

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