Sell iPhone 5s Online: Mistakes to Avoid while Selling iPhone 5s Online

When you know how to sell iPhone 5s, you can avoid some mistakes that people make which end up reducing their profit margin. There are mistakes that some people consider simple when it comes to selling iPhones online but they are very costly. These are some of the mistakes that our experts advices you to avoid them when selling your iPhone 5s so that you can enhance your profit margin.

Outrageous shipping

A potential bidder will be turned off by inflated shipping cost very fast. You are not selling your device to a stupid consumer. Average buyers know the cost of shipping packages. Therefore, if you charge $17 to ship a package of 1lb to New York from Los Angeles in 10 days, you will end up upsetting most potential buyers that will click away and purchase from your competitors. Therefore, avoid inflating the shipping costs as a way of making up for the low bidding price. Doing so will only put off most potential buyers.

Failure to provide quality pictures

Buyers want to see the product that they are buying or bidding for. It is therefore important that you include photos of the iPhone 5s that you are offering for sale. Take the latest photos of the iPhone and include all details. Pictures should accompany the description that you provide for the iPhone. If for instance your device has a scratch on the back, include a photo to show it to prospects. This will prove to the prospects that you are a genuine seller.

Inadequate descriptions

It is important that you provide a comprehensive description of the iPhone 5 that you are selling. This means that your listing should include accurate and detailed description. This will reduce questions that prospects might ask and increase the confidence of prospects in you.


To set an acceptable price for your used iPhone 5s, you need to conduct extensive research before listing your device for sale online. You need to find out what others are selling and at what price. This is very important because there are many people selling identical or similar products online and these will influence the price of your device. Avoid setting a very high price or a too low price. Charging a low price will lower the perceived value of your iPhone 5. Similarly, you are selling the iPhone so that you can make profit. Therefore, choose a price that will increase your profit margin.

Lack of review

Some prospects make a mistake of not requesting buyers to review them. It is important that you request buyers to leave reviews after purchasing the products that you are selling online. This is because future buyers will be interested in reading your reviews before they purchase the iPhone that you will be selling. If you have more positive reviews, chances are that you will be chosen by most prospects.

Basically, these are some of the mistakes that our experts advice that you avoid as you sell iPhone 5s online. Be careful as you sell your iPhone to avoid each of them.

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