Sell iPhone 5s Online: Mistakes to Avoid while Selling iPhone 5s Online

When you know how to sell iPhone 5s, you can avoid some mistakes that people make which end up reducing their profit margin. There are mistakes that some people consider simple when it comes to selling iPhones online but they are very costly. These are some of the mistakes that our experts advices you to avoid them when selling your iPhone 5s so that you can enhance your profit margin.

Outrageous shipping

A potential bidder will be turned off by inflated shipping cost very fast. You are not selling your device to a stupid consumer. Average buyers know the cost of shipping packages. Therefore, if you charge $17 to ship a package of 1lb to New York from Los Angeles in 10 days, you will end up upsetting most potential buyers that will click away and purchase from your competitors. Therefore, avoid inflating the shipping costs as a way of making up for the low bidding price. Doing so will only put off most potential buyers.

Failure to provide quality pictures

Buyers want to see the product that they are buying or bidding for. It is therefore important that you include photos of the iPhone 5s that you are offering for sale. Take the latest photos of the iPhone and include all details. Pictures should accompany the description that you provide for the iPhone. If for instance your device has a scratch on the back, include a photo to show it to prospects. This will prove to the prospects that you are a genuine seller.

Inadequate descriptions

It is important that you provide a comprehensive description of the iPhone 5 that you are selling. This means that your listing should include accurate and detailed description. This will reduce questions that prospects might ask and increase the confidence of prospects in you.


To set an acceptable price for your used iPhone 5s, you need to conduct extensive research before listing your device for sale online. You need to find out what others are selling and at what price. This is very important because there are many people selling identical or similar products online and these will influence the price of your device. Avoid setting a very high price or a too low price. Charging a low price will lower the perceived value of your iPhone 5. Similarly, you are selling the iPhone so that you can make profit. Therefore, choose a price that will increase your profit margin.

Lack of review

Some prospects make a mistake of not requesting buyers to review them. It is important that you request buyers to leave reviews after purchasing the products that you are selling online. This is because future buyers will be interested in reading your reviews before they purchase the iPhone that you will be selling. If you have more positive reviews, chances are that you will be chosen by most prospects.

Basically, these are some of the mistakes that our experts advice that you avoid as you sell iPhone 5s online. Be careful as you sell your iPhone to avoid each of them.

Important iPhone Sell Tips: Sell Used iPhone safely for the Most Money

iPhone sell tips will enable you to get the most money by selling your used iPhone. You might want to sell your used iPhone if you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone model or if you damaged your current iPhone. Nevertheless, before you sell your iPhone you need tips that will guide you so that you can get the best deal for it without risking your safety.

Sell your iPhone at the highest price possible

The major concern for most people when selling used iPhones is on how to sell their used iPhones for the best price possible. This is because most people want the money that they get from the sale of their used iPhones to fund the purchase of their new ones. To achieve this however, you need to do several things. For instance, if your iPhone is locked you need to unlock it. If it has damage such as if it has a shattered screen, you need to take to a specialist for repair. This is the only way you can get the best deal for your used iPhone.

Ensure your security

The iPhone that you sell has important data that may include photos of your loved ones. If such information gets in the wrong hands, it can be used wrongly and get you or your loved ones in trouble. Therefore, before you sell your used iPhone, back up the data then erase it from the device. You can use iCloud and iTunes to backup your data. This enables you to ensure that you sell your iPhone with free memory just like it was when you bought it. It also enables you to access the information or restore backup files once you purchase a new iPhone.

Choose the best selling method

There are many ways of selling a used iPhone. It is important that you select a method that will enable you to get the best deal on your used iPhone. We offer a service that enables individuals to sell their used iPhones at the highest prices possible. We have a network of trusted phone buyers that will enable you to get the best returns from the sale of your iPhone. It does not matter what the model of your iPhone is, we will help you sell it at the highest price possible.

Research the market

Before you offer your iPhone for sale, it is important that you find out what the current value of your iPhone model is in the market. This is very important because it will enable you to set the price for your iPhone. It will also enable you to bargain with prospects while selling your device. Therefore, it is important that you conduct some research first before you offer your iPhone for sale.

Generally, there is no need to let your old iPhone waste away in your home or office drawer if you no longer use it. You can make extra cash by selling it to people that are looking for second hand iPhones. Simply follow our youtube video  to sell your device at the best price possible.

Sell broken iPhone: What you should know while selling a broken iPhone

Do you want to sell broken iPhone? Then you need tips and ideas to enable you to sell your device at the highest price possible. Accidents happen at a time when they are least expected. For instance, you can drop your iPhone accidentally. The device can stop working accidentally due to unforeseen circumstances. There are cases where you can think that your broken iPhone cannot be fixed and that you are left without a choice but to purchase a new iPhone. That is where we come in to help you sell your broken iPhone.

Truth about selling a broken iPhone

There are many people who think that after an iPhone breaks, it becomes useless and all you can do is to throw it away. Such people do not know that there are others who see value in broken devices. Such people are willing to purchase broken iPhones so that they can try to repair them and have them work again.

Price of a broken iPhone

It is obvious that you will not get as much money by selling a broken iPhone like you would by selling an iPhone that is in good, working condition. However, getting something out of your broken iPhone is better than throwing it away. It does not matter whether your iPhone has a shattered screen, broken button, dead battery or any other technical problem. There are many ways via which you can sell your device and get some money from it.

How to sell your broken iPhone

If you have a damaged or broken iPhone in the drawer, it means that you have money sitting in there. Remember that the longer you wait before you sell your broken iPhone, the more it depreciates. Therefore, choose an iPhone sale service that will enable you to sell your broken iPhone. We can help you sell your broken iPhone at the best price possible with our iPhone sale service.

Try to repair your broken iPhone first

If you are not a technician, you might not know how you can open your iPhone and even fix its internal problem. Nevertheless, there could be problems that are subject to the warranty of your device and maybe Apple might fix them free of charge. Once such problems have been fixed, you can sell your device at a relatively higher price.

A dead battery could be under the warranty

If the battery of your iPhone is dead and you want to sell your device, you might be qualified for a replacement battery free of charge.  Apple gives free batteries as replacements for the iPhones that are covered by their warranty. If your iPhone’s battery is covered by a warranty, you might get a replacement and sell the device at a higher price. Therefore, visit Apple Inc  official website to find out if can qualify for free repair.

Sell your broken iPhone

Consider the available options including our iPhone sale service. If you are ready to sell broken iPhone, we can give you a better deal for it once our technicians have assessed its condition.